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Bringing the Adventure Home

I am very much hoping your current state is more upbeat than doom-y & gloom-y. [...]

Finding Joy in the Journey

As promised in my last post about making sure to take care of yourself while [...]

Take Care of You

Loved the replies I received about what’s working and what isn’t in response to my [...]

Embrace the Mid-Year Refresh

SUMMER. I’m happy happy happy!! And also, yup, I know I know–it’s already June. . [...]

Putting Your Values First

In my previous blog post, I talked about how many folks I know are caught [...]

What’s in the water?

If you’re like me, lately there are a lot of people around you who are [...]

Re-alignment Time

Greetings from the end of Q1 2023. Time is flying by, so I’m going to [...]

Don’t forget YOU this Women’s History Month

Here we are, another Women’s History Month already underway. Of course it’s a time to [...]

Pour Love on You

It’s February, and there’s a few things I associate with this month. There’s a bunch [...]

Celebrating what works (and also what didn’t)

Crashing, instead of easing, skidding, not relaxing into the final weekends of the year? That’s [...]