Read what others are saying about their work with Shoshanna Hecht!

Coaching with Shoshanna was great! She was able to really clarify the larger concepts and themes as well as articulate the big picture out of my really convoluted explanations.”

Laurie G. – New York, NY

 Shoshanna is a BEAST at what she does!! “

Nora G. – San Francisco, CA

What can I say, we’re happily MARRIED today because of Shoshanna!! Shoshanna helped us clean up our communication and truly listen to one another. As a result we’ve come to understand and cherish each other in a completely deeper way. We still are grateful for and use the tools we worked on with Shoshanna today! “

Julie & Matt – Los Angeles, CA

Shoshanna is a game-changer . . . She’s skilled at seeing the forest through the trees—she can see through the confusion, ambivalence, and indecision and cut right to the chase. Her warm, no-nonsense approach immediately makes you feel like reaching out to her for help was the best decision you could’ve possibly made.”

Chrissy Carter