Pour Love on You


It’s February, and there’s a few things I associate with this month. There’s a bunch of family birthdays that are fun to celebrate, and I love supporting Black-owned businesses, thought leaders and Black educators for Black History Month. Are you looking for tips and a shopping list to do the same? I love Christina Blacken’s tips here, and the shopping highlights from Luvvie Ajayi HERE.
Fun stuff aside, what’s way less exciting (to me): Valentine’s Day. I’m not one for greeting card/marketing driven holidays. Especially the ones that tend to leave us feeling less than, lacking, or sad. Not when so much of life, particularly meeting special people we want to partner up with, is out of our control.
I’m all about controlling what we can.
So this February, I’m reminding you of two things! One. POUR LOVE ON YOU. There is so much to love and celebrate about yourself right now, exactly as you are. Your relationship with yourself deserves, and frankly needs, a lot of attention and care. Why not take February–regardless of your relationship status–to focus on what is working and what needs to be tweaked within yourself. Some questions to ask yourself to get you started:

How’s your self talk?

How’s your self-love?

How are your boundaries doing?

Are you honoring your commitments to yourself?

No need to beat yourself up–just take stock! We can only evolve when we first raise our awareness of what needs to change.
Which leads me to: Two. Only when we are good with ourselves can we be cool with others. Only when we put on our oxygen mask first (the cliches are true!!), can we truly show up how we want to in all other relationships and dynamics. This is THE foundation for how we actually design a life that works for us.
This is how we get to our own blend of a life that works for us. Only when we focus inward, and start with ourselves.
Happy February. Wishing you a wonderful month of you pouring love on YOU.

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