Bringing the Adventure Home


I am very much hoping your current state is more upbeat than doom-y & gloom-y. Even though this part of the year where we have what, second & third winter? — mixed in with late spring and early summer can be a hair annoying, I’m loving the ticking up temps & peeks of green I’m starting to see more and more of in the neighborhood.
Speaking of the neighborhood, I’m back in NYC! Back, after spending a couple of months working remotely from CDMX (Sharing some of the adventure over on Instagram). It’s honestly so great to be home. I miss the climate, the people, and the tacos (like, a lot), but my own bed and space and friends are just so great. All we need is spring to stick around for real 🙂 .
I know I and my beloved are so fortunate to be able to work anywhere. We’re empty nesters, self-employed, and are in alignment about having these kinds of adventures of immersion in new cultures and places. And language learning. It’s my new life blend for sure.
I’ve been thinking about a couple of things I’m taking from this trip and bringing home, and I think they’re the kinds of tips that are applicable regardless of whether remote working is accessible or of interest to you:

  • Get out of the house (and office). There’s something about being elsewhere that inspires me to explore and walk so many steps to see this, that, and the other thing. There is literally no reason I can’t be doing that here in NYC and area–there’s so much to see, even when walking similar routes. Especially when…
  • I make sure to look UP. I noticed after staying a place for some weeks that even on the same walk I would notice new things every single time. This is because I put down the phone–it never worked that great in CDMX anyway. I loved that experience of surprise and delight and I’m making a point of enjoying more moments now that I’m home.
  • Explore. The downside of being home can be the routine that begins to wear. In CDMX I had a list of museums, sites, parks, & restaurants I wanted to experience. I have a little bit of that, but without the urgency of leaving at some point–I bump things down the list. Changing that and making dates with myself (and others) to do the things. To get out of the rut and experience the very cool place I live.

Join me in bringing the spirit of adventure home? I’d love to connect about it – click here, and let me know what you think.

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