Tap into Your Leadership

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks over here — for you too?.There’s been a lot [...]

Happy Spring

Spring is a JOY.  . Even though the weather can be moody and temperamental, I [...]

Take Fear by the hand, and Go.

Fear is a big factor that comes up when contemplating big change. I get it, [...]

Making Inspired Personal Change

In February, I wrote about my views on the changing relationship to work, with my [...]

The Great Realignment Part 2

I think this moment in time is special. Two years of a rolling pandemic–regardless of [...]

The Great Realignment Part 1

Without alignment – to our values and purpose – we are operating from a scattered [...]

Do You Word of the Year?

Long time readers will know it’s time for my annual Word of the Year post. [...]

The Power of Groups

You’d think I’d know this by now (have this as my default), but one constant? [...]

Know Your Values

Every year at this time, I start thinking about the big picture for my business [...]

Staying in the Hope Zone

Time speeds along anyway, but now we’re in that part of the year that seems [...]