Well, That Happened…

Ok, so even though I don’t believe in resolutions and broad sweeping goals for the year and all that (see previous post), I still do love a fresh start and turning a new (calendar) page. I had big plans for the start of the year and guess what happened?


Literally, nothing. I had 1.5 productive days of the 2019, until I was slammed with a horrible virus. It wasn’t the flu, or strep, or bronchitis, or anything like that  – “just” a cold virus. Just the WORST COLD EVER. So much for hitting the ground running; more like hit the couch and don’t move for almost a week!

Thankfully, my brain is finally back online, and I’m catching up on inbox, clients, and the ever-growing list. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a hair overwhelming. Especially because catch up on the aforementioned items, is not at all what I had planned come mid-January. I expected to be completely on top of the ongoing work, and fully into moving forward on new initiatives and programs, building out new workshops, you get the drift.

Womp womp. I know that for some, this kind of a “launch” can be a major let down. Such a defeating turn of events that can, in fact, serve to reinforce negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that can make us feel less than, even useless, or like a hack. It can even make you want to give up on the week, the month, even the year — as if the way a year starts is some kind of predictor of how the rest of the 365 days will play out. But, it doesn’t really say anything about us or the future at all. A year is LONG, people!

I’m taking this as my first 2019 reminder that life, and viruses, happen, and that being flexible and rolling with what comes is what counts. Remember, we can’t control what comes our way. Our reactions and actions, the stories we choose to tell ourselves (PLEASE: Make them positive!) about what comes and how we cope, there’s where we can make some traction.

Adaptability and resilience is key. I’m in for a marathon, not a sprint. It’s just a cold after all, not my year in a nutshell. How about you?

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