2019, Here We Go!

Happy New Year!

How were your holidays? Mine were busy and festive, and FAST. I have zero complaints–I got a lot of nice time with family and friends — it’s just hard to believe here we are, already at the start of 2019.

As I’m typing this, it’s the first day I’ve really been on my computer in over a week. It’s been GREAT. I didn’t have as much downtime as I like to have between Christmas and NYE (truthfully, I could use a few more days of total downtime). But I’m also feeling excited about the new year.

As usual, I didn’t do resolutions. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that rather than broad and sweeping goals, I’m much more focused on small changes, and building on what’s currently working. I attribute all my progress towards goals–both personal and professional, to this philosophy: One step at a time, keeping at it, slow and steady.

This isn’t to say that I’m against taking stock and making adjustments. I’m not! Or that I’m not for setting powerful and audacious goals. I am!! Essential to staying on the path to your goals, and not just setting up a hammock on the side of the road and taking a long, goal-avoidant nap, is the need to break them down into actionable bits. Here’s where people often go all wrong. Again, I’ve written posts on these: Find them here and here for helpful tips on great goal-setting!

I spent some time in the fall thinking about where my business is going, working on some of my own shifts, especially regarding my desire to put out even more content of value. I’m on a mission to empower and build confidence in my clients, and because I’m a firm believer that we teach what we need, for me, 2019 is about being BOLD. I’m planning to try new things and ways to share valuable tools I have so far been personally resistant to. Playing around with video via Facebook in December was fun – here’s the link to first one in my series on Imposter Complex, and I expect to do more of that. I’ll be relaunching my group coaching program Level UP in early spring- stay tuned! More workshops for teams are in the works, and of course, I’m still here for you with individual coaching!

Looking forward to continuing to hear from you about what’s resonating, and what you’d like more help with in this coming year.

Here’s to your abundance in all good things in 2019!


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