There is Only One YOU

I happen to currently have a couple of clients working on writing a book.

For both, these endeavors are the result of decades of work in their respective, though very different, fields. And they’ve been encouraged by myriad of people in their personal and professional lives who have watched their rise to tell their stories.

These are women who bring a massive amount of expertise to their professional areas, and have much to share. Things to share like the what-went-right’s and what-went-wrong’s, the things they’ve learned along the way, what they would do differently, and how to save others from making time (and soul!) crushing mistakes. They have found themselves desperate at times–filled with a burning desire–to share knowledge gained and to help uplift and empower others who are coming up in their fields.

And guess how they are also feeling about the whole thing? Yup, like big phonies. Why? Because this is THE opportune time for that old familiar “Who Am I?” voice to pop up. ” . . . Who am I to write a book? Who on earth would want to read anything I have to share? Who am I to think I’m an expert on anything? . . .” And on and on.

The truth is this: There will pretty much always be someone who knows more than you do. This is normal. Learning is infinite, and new knowledge can –and does–come at us pretty fast these days.

But what’s also true is there’s only one YOU. There’s no one who has traveled your road, and had your experiences, the way you have had them. There is no one else who has processed that journey and those experiences and learned from it the way you have. And there is no one who will deliver this important learning as valuably to others in the way you will, in a way that will really-truly-epically change someone’s perspective, and maybe even their life.

This is not to say that your sharing will be for everyone. I guarantee it won’t. One of my favorite quotes is from Dita Von Teese: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” My clients hear me drop this TRUTH.BOMB. often – because it’s, well, true. You and your expertise won’t be for everyone, and frankly, that’s just fine. Appropriate, even.

So, you’re not going to let that “Who am I?” voice stop you, right?

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