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Bringing the Adventure Home

I am very much hoping your current state is more upbeat than doom-y & gloom-y. [...]

Embrace the Mid-Year Refresh

SUMMER. I’m happy happy happy!! And also, yup, I know I know–it’s already June. . [...]

What’s in the water?

If you’re like me, lately there are a lot of people around you who are [...]

Celebrating what works (and also what didn’t)

Crashing, instead of easing, skidding, not relaxing into the final weekends of the year? That’s [...]

Happy Spring

Spring is a JOY.  . Even though the weather can be moody and temperamental, I [...]

Take Fear by the hand, and Go.

Fear is a big factor that comes up when contemplating big change. I get it, [...]

Making Inspired Personal Change

In February, I wrote about my views on the changing relationship to work, with my [...]

Staying in the Hope Zone

Time speeds along anyway, but now we’re in that part of the year that seems [...]

Change is Inevitable

We know that change is inevitable. We can try to avoid or fight it, but [...]

Too Much Outside?

​​Summer is well under way, and I love the easy breezy feeling that typically accompanies [...]