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The Great Realignment Part 2

I think this moment in time is special. Two years of a rolling pandemic–regardless of [...]

The Great Realignment Part 1

Without alignment – to our values and purpose – we are operating from a scattered [...]

Self-Care 4Eva

I’ve had a few opportunities lately to deliver my Self-Care in Challenging Times webinar to [...]

Got Re-entry Stress?

Here in the United States we are fortunate to be on the tail of this [...]

The Powerful Pause

This month I’ve been trying to help you regain your focus, and I hope my [...]

What Will You Quit?

Last week I wrote about the importance of controlling what you can. I know this [...]


I don’t know about you, but I’m not bored. I’m lucky that my work has [...]


It’s life, and things don’t always go our way. Or how we planned. Or expected. [...]

You’re Doing a Great Job.

This is all brutally hard, isn’t it? So many people in my world have been [...]


Survival Mode (Boundaries Help)

The only thing we know for sure: No one has any idea how long we [...]