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I’ve had a few opportunities lately to deliver my Self-Care in Challenging Times webinar to corporate teams, and it has been so gratifying to A) deliver this content broadly and B) to hear feedback of how people are implementing a regular practice of self-care into their lives. I can not express how much this lights me up!
I believe that self-care is foundational to a fulfilling life and is an advanced skill for living. Also, I believe that mostly we go about it all wrong. Namely that we make it too big, too expensive, too social media friendly (aka perfect), and we definitely don’t make a plan for it. No wonder self-care so easily falls off our priority list!
As we here in the US are navigating the tail of the pandemic, and things are opening up with more and more rapidity, it’s only going to get easier and easier to skip self-care, to slip back into the hustle and grind so many of us were hating pre-pandemic. If you’ve even seen my recent newsletters, then you have probably gleaned that I feel strongly about taking THIS MOMENT to get super intentional about how you want to live. Honestly, if not now, as we have weathered a 100-year storm, then when would you ever??
NOW. Now is the time to make changes you’ve been talking about. Now is the time to put and keep yourself on your priority list. Make a menu of small but mighty actions to help you support you. Keep it small to keep it doable, and repeat. Some steps to help you build out your menu: 
    1. Connect to your needs. What is that helps you feel grounded–dare I say, normal–and whole?
    2. Connect to your loves. What is it you love to do (or not do)?
    3. Connect to action. Build on your needs and what you love to find teeny tiny daily actions to care for yourself.
    4. Connect to commitment. Make time for your acts of self-care, and defend that time ruthlessly.
Want more support on this? Check out this post and this post, and drop me a line. Love chatting about self-care. Self-care forever and ever.
PS I’m heading out of town for vacation today, and I’m leaving my computer behind. This shouldn’t feel like a big deal, but somehow it does. It’s my act of personal self-care and boundary setting for the week. What boundary can you set this summer to protect your energy? : ).
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