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Putting Your Values First

In my previous blog post, I talked about how many folks I know are caught [...]

What’s in the water?

If you’re like me, lately there are a lot of people around you who are [...]

How is your 2023 kicking off?

The blur of a pace that was 2022 is rolling into 2023. I think I’ve [...]

Anti-Resolution, Pro-Evolution 😜

Long time readers know that I’m actively anti-resolutions, especially around January 1. This is because [...]

Celebrating what works (and also what didn’t)

Crashing, instead of easing, skidding, not relaxing into the final weekends of the year? That’s [...]

Word of the Year Reboot (aka Actually implementing on it)

When my vacation was wrapping up last month, it hit me pretty hard that it [...]

Let’s Take it One Step at a Time

“There’s too much on all fronts. How can I focus? I feel like my focus [...]

Take Fear by the hand, and Go.

Fear is a big factor that comes up when contemplating big change. I get it, [...]

Making Inspired Personal Change

In February, I wrote about my views on the changing relationship to work, with my [...]

The Great Realignment Part 2

I think this moment in time is special. Two years of a rolling pandemic–regardless of [...]