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A couple months ago, I began a training in improving my own mental fitness. It’s been a game-changer in how I have been coping with ups & downs (both big & small) of life. I find I’m less reactive, quicker to recover when the unexpected happens, and less of a procrastinator (my chief challenge aka saboteur!!) regarding the tough challenges that both business & life inevitably bring.
Which is why I am pumped up to share a new offering!

As part of my coaching practice, I have partnered with

Positive Intelligence Inc. to share a 6-week mental fitness program offered by the CEO and Founder, Shirzad Chamine. If you aren’t familiar with Shirzad, he’s a Stanford lecturer & the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence. He’s taken his breakthrough research in neuroscience and the data he’s collected from over 500,000 people to create an extraordinary 6-week program that helps people rewire their brain for more happiness and success. 
The program is normally sold for $1,000, but my partnership with Positive Intelligence entitles me to 5 seats which I’m offering at a discounted rate of $375 each.
The program starts July 19th, and a new session will begin every 6 weeks thereafter.
What does the program offer? I’m glad you asked!
Learn to boost your Mental Fitness (PQ):   
  • PQ (your Positive Intelligence Quotient) is the measure of your Mental Fitness. It’s the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential
  • The good (GREAT) news is that you can boost your PQ significantly with practice
  • PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science
The program consists of the following:
  • A free saboteur self-assessment quiz (Spoiler: I have learned that mine is the Avoider! No wonder procrastination is my nemesis!)
  • 6 weeks duration
  • Watch 1-hour weekly video (on weekend or Monday)
  • 30 Minute Weekly Pod Meeting with me to discuss progress, next steps and questions
  • 15 minutes/day of Coach Challenge and PQ Reps practice on the Positive Intelligence app (free to download)
  • Read 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence book (PDF provided)
  • Through the Positive Intelligence app, you will continue to have access to the program for an entire year 
Breakthrough Results:
Within 6-8 weeks of mental fitness training the following test results in MRI imaging were detected:
  • Increased grey matter in the PQ Brain region, home to your Sage (positive mental muscles)
  • Decreased grey matter in the Survivor Brain region, home to your Saboteurs (negative mental muscles)
Improvements in these competencies have led to wonderful results:
  • Performance: You perform better while working less hard—similar to athletes “in the zone”
  • Happiness: You feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times
  • Relationships: You improve relationships, able to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony
This program has been transformational for me personally in terms of helping me deal with my own saboteur tendencies and I’ve noticed significant improvements in my personal life and coaching work. If you think that you (or members of your workplace) might be interested in signing up, please let me know July 9.
Please feel free to send this along to anyone in your network who might be interested. And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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