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Bringing the Adventure Home

I am very much hoping your current state is more upbeat than doom-y & gloom-y. [...]

Putting Your Values First

In my previous blog post, I talked about how many folks I know are caught [...]

Re-alignment Time

Greetings from the end of Q1 2023. Time is flying by, so I’m going to [...]

Pour Love on You

It’s February, and there’s a few things I associate with this month. There’s a bunch [...]

Anti-Resolution, Pro-Evolution 😜

Long time readers know that I’m actively anti-resolutions, especially around January 1. This is because [...]

Holidays Are Made for Boundaries

There’s nothing so empowering, and let’s face it, so painful, as having to level a [...]

December, is that you?

I blinked and it’s December. I could swear it was just February. You too? . [...]


Not gonna lie, feels pretty weird and challenging to write a message to you around [...]

Happy Spring

Spring is a JOY.  . Even though the weather can be moody and temperamental, I [...]

The Great Realignment Part 2

I think this moment in time is special. Two years of a rolling pandemic–regardless of [...]