Summer Slow Down

I’ve been so excited about the impending arrival of summer and now that it’s basically here (although still kinda chilly in NYC!), I’m not ready. *Gulp.*

I had all kinds of plans for this month that involved planning, writing, and setting up systems for the next service offering I’m working on in my business. OK, um, full disclosure? For a minute in March, I thought I’d get to these items in April. When that moment of insanity passed, I realized I’d get to them all in May. Calendar and reality check:  it’s June, and I’m starting to realize it’s not going to happen here either.

Usually what happens when I realize I’m behind or am overwhelmed with my to do list is that I start to scramble. I race to do things hurriedly, and my time management goes out the window. Meticulously mapped out planner pages become completely blank, and post-it-note-to-do-list-making-mania reigns supreme. And my sacred, get-my-day-started-right morning ritual? Let’s just say, it becomes way less sacred. Read:  It goes out the window completely. Second read:  Hair on fire.

The truth is that getting stuff done in my business just takes me time. Longer than other people, and mostly I have come to terms with that reality. BUT. Sometimes, I fall into an old pattern in which I have a tendency to think I’m some kind of business contortionist who can get all kinds of stuff done at once. I’m not. That strategy typically leaves me feeling, stressed, exhausted, pissy, and GRUMPY. Sensing this coming on, I’ve been actively working to make a different choice.

This time, what I’ve decided is what I actually need to do? SLOW DOWN. At peak to-do list overwhelm yesterday, I closed my computer and decided to go to lunch guilt-free with a dear friend and then take her yoga class. No surprise, that made me feel great. Later in the evening, Mother Nature produced a spectacular sunset, which I took in with my beloved human and beloved dog. Score another win for the feeling great column! This was all so grounding and calming for me that I found myself quickly completing small but annoying little tasks that had been hanging around my list for weeks. Done. And in 20 minutes, I mapped out the rest of my week, which gave me a sense of control over my time I had been sorely missing. The result? Morning ritual fully back on line today, and I flowed through my day with ease. Ahhhhhhh. Slowing down and getting more done? Amazing.

I’m expanding this slow down and making it my summer “thing.” Who’s with me?

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