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Back to it?

Am I the only one who has that back-to-school feeling? Sheesh, no matter how much [...]


Just celebrated another year around the sun this week, and boy do I love my [...]


My therapist’s name was Pearl, and she truly was precious. Pearl recently died. I haven’t [...]

World Class Sweat-er

Did you see my last post? You know, the one where I talked about my [...]

Summer Slow Down

I’ve been so excited about the impending arrival of summer and now that it’s basically [...]

Got Triggers?

I do. Do you? Triggers, you know, like people or things that just PRESS. YOUR. [...]

Your ONE Action Item

Happy May! Here we are, about halfway through the year already. It has certainly flown [...]

It’s not too late! How to get your goals back on track.

Some years ago, a report came out declaring this past Monday (the third Monday of [...]