Someone Just Stole Your Idea


It happened. Someone just stole your idea.

You’re in a meeting, mostly following along, thinking about what’s ahead next, and also about a billion other things when it happens. A trusted colleague is presenting a solution–YOUR solution–to a long-standing (but not urgent) problem your company has been wanting to solve for some time.

And not just any solution, but one you’ve been mulling over for two months, one for which you’ve been working on a slide deck to present (it’s almost perfect!), there are a few angles, so you’ve been sure to hash out the different approaches repeatedly with colleagues. That was your idea! The boss is thrilled, and your co-worker is so pleased with themselves, they are even looking over at you, expecting a thumbs up or a long-distance high – five, as if they did nothing wrong. WTF??!!!

**Brakes screeching**

Welll, waiiiiit a minute. Did they actually do something wrong? Hmmmm. They certainly aren’t acting like they presented someone else’s idea. In fact, come to think of it, this isn’t even the first time this exact thing has happened to you: Where you’ve been sitting on an idea for months, mulling it over, testing it out with colleagues, too nervous to present it, when the next thing you know–someone else beats you to it. What THE HECK is going on??

Here’s what: Your Imposter Complex is gunking up the works. You’re spending so much time, doubting yourself, working to try to get your approach and presentation of your idea so perfect, you’re paralyzed. It’s a vicious cycle. That paralysis is fueling your self-doubt, so to try and shake it off, you consult your colleagues about the idea. Perhaps again and again and again.

Meanwhile? Your idea is sinking in to the landscape of your co-workers’ minds, just blending in to the background. It’s only a matter of time before the problem you’ve spent so much time puzzling over comes up again in a meeting, and your brilliant solution pops into someone else’s head–they’re not sure anymore from where–and voila they raise their hand and the rest is history.

Yes, it could have, and should have, been you. But you’re so worried about looking like an idiot, not being the expert, you’re FROZEN. Tired of it? I bet you are! The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way and I can help! Join me for my free virtual training next week. I’ll be offering tools and strategies to get that noisy inner critic, your negative internal soundtrack, under control. These tips will help you Kick that Imposter Complex to the curb, and begin to move powerfully into action. We’ll be live, so you’ll get to ask me your questions – I can’t wait! Sign up here: Kicking Your Imposter Complex.

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