Control What You Can

Anyone else have news cycle whiplash? Are you overwhelmed with just trying to keep up with the day to day? Do you constantly have a pit in your stomach? Have you been feeling like everything is totally out of hand, and this year is basically over, and you may as well quit? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Enough is enough, I’m taking control back. This is something that’s coming up a lot in client sessions, the idea of controlling what you can. A lot of people are feeling pulled this way and that by the news (can you say #taxesdebatecoviddebacle?), and it’s normal. Every 24 hours feels like a year of information to try and process.
This is not how I (or anyone!) functions at optimum. Being my best self features ME calling shots, ME determining what and who gets my attention, ME controlling how much scrolling goes on. Yes, even coaches need to rein it in. Which I am. It’s October, and I am recommitting to all my time management, planning, and scheduling techniques. The year is not over, I have big goals yet for 2020, and I’m pulling my focus. Are you with me?
Here’s what’s on my list of priorities:
  • Of course, working with and supporting my current clients. (They are fired up to make magic happen!)
  • Behind the scenes business projects (Fun stuff coming up to share, including a website refresh in the works!!)
  • Political activism / volunteerism (There is way too much at stake! My goal: to sleep well on 11/4, having done all I could.)
  • Connecting with family/friends (This list is TIGHT for the next few weeks).
Time is precious, and it honestly feels all the more so right now, so here’s how I’m making it happen: I spent some time last Sunday setting goals for the next 3 months. I didn’t pick too many, just one that I’ve been avoiding, and one that makes money (💪🏼).  Then I broke them down into many smaller steps and action items. Then I wrote down in my planner on what date at which time I’m working on said action items, period the end. That’s honestly the nutshell. There’s no magic for motivation and focus, just attention and intention, along with commitment. Yes, things come up all the time that conflict with my plans. In those instances, I simply move a time assignment to a different slot. But because I’ve written it down, I move it rather than flake on it or just skip it. Flaking on my commitment to myself only leads to beating myself up and further procrastination. For me, writing down what I’m working on, then blocking time on my schedule to work on it is the only way anything gets done. How about you?
Even coaches need to effort to control what we can 🙂 . I hope sharing where I’m at — tired of letting the news cycle control the flow of my work, energy, & priorities — and the strategies I’m recommitting to, helps you as well. Please leave a comment to let me know!
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