Amy Shoenthal, Author, “The Setback Cycle”

Amy Shoenthal

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What happens when you’re building the life you want, and then life knocks you sideways? The layoff. The rejection. The congratulations on your new baby, we’re going to just give all your accounts to other people.

That last one happened to Amy Shoenthal, whose upward trajectory in a marketing firm record-scratched to a halt when she announced her pregnancy and she was quietly but decisively sidelined, coming back from maternity leave to find herself displaced from all her longtime clients. The subsequent feelings of professional panic, alienation and displacement left her unmoored from her career expectations and goals, which took a while for her to process and regroup from. Fortunately, the regrouping led her to something even better – her new book, “The Setback Cycle” about how we process the obstacles that knock us flat and find our way back to something even better.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht (who is in the book!) sits down with Amy to discuss how to rally when we want to wallow (but go ahead and wallow a bit, it’s an essential part of the process), how to check in with ourselves as we course-correct, and how sometimes setbacks are just what we need to wake us up.


The Setback Cycle: How Defining Moments Can Move Us Forward
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