Your Magic Glitter

I’m a loyalist, especially when I find something that works really well for me. This is why I have — now had — quite the accumulation of skin care samples around. Every time I buy my skin care products, the authorized retailer sends me those little packets of stuff to try. But because I’m super loyal, I never cheat on my tried and true skin care line, not even with free samples. Hence the vast collection (yes, I now plan to opt out of samples).
But I also don’t like to waste good stuff, so I keep all those little packets, for “some day” or for “my travel kit,” which is ridiculous since I have small containers with my regular skin lotions and potions ready to go in my travel bag. So, there was an accumulation. But no more! Upon shelter in place, I decided it was time to work my way through stuff, use up the excess, and unsubscribe.
Using up stuff and thinning out clutter has been super gratifying on a lot of levels and has me thinking a lot about “using what you have.” And naturally, I’m referring to more than just lotions, samples, canned goods, and the like – I’m talking about you too, as well as your inherent and earned resources, skills and resilience.
The last couple of weeks were doozies for my clients. The ongoing uncertainty about what will be, and the need to redefine both what “normal” and “this pandemic ending” mean to us –collectively and individually — takes a toll, and I get it. Employment and economic cutbacks, industry shrinkage and more — all of this is causing some understandable panic.
If this is you, and you’re feeling some despair about the future, your moves, and your options, try the following exercise. Set a timer, start with 15 minutes, and download all the skills and qualities that you have brought to your current or past positions. You can list achievements and how you made them happen. What is YOUR special sauce, what I call your “magic glitter” factor, that you bring to the proverbial table? This is STEP 1 in starting to identify your transferable skills, the ones you can take to any industry. If you can name them, you can find ways to apply them. Let’s face it, we’re all gonna have to be a bit creative about new ways and new spaces to apply our talents.
Repeat with at least two more brainstorming sessions. You are smarter, stronger, and more resilient than you know. And nothing that has happened in the last couple of months has reduced or canceled out any of your achievements, accomplishments, or the like. Are there setbacks? Yes. But that magic glitter YOU bring, you can still bring. Let’s tap into it. 
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