Women on the Rise

On this past sunny Saturday, I attended the Women’s March in NYC. Like the march I attended in DC last year, it was crowded, raucous, uplifting and inspiring. Women plus kids and men were out in force, raising their voices for equality, and it was a thrill to see active support for marginalized communities.

I loved it. I don’t speak a ton about politics on my blog, but my friends know I’m into it and have been volunteering on campaigns and promoting my view of voting as a sacred privilege since I turned eighteen. Naturally, the political mobilization of women over the last year just warms my heart to no end.

It also reminded me of why I do what I do: Coaching women on the rise. The work is about helping women who are ready to find their voice and greater confidence, and use both to break through to the next level in their lives.

It isn’t about getting to some imaginary end point. Highly accomplished women, such as Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, and more, are still just on their journey. In fact, women at all levels of their career, at all points on their path – they are still, on the rise.

The point is this: the work is never finished. No one, not even Oprah, is ever done growing, changing, rising. There is no final point, just an evolving journey that typically doesn’t take the turns we expect. Holy moly, has that certainly been my own personal experience. As we go, at certain points, we need a partner on the path for accountability, clarity and forward motion in the face of fear, whatever form that fear is taking.

It was thrilling to see the crowds of women out in force and in community to raise their voices for their values and priorities.  It also underscored how lucky I am to get to do work I’m so passionate about. It’s unbelievably rewarding–really, a privilege– to work with women on elevating their mindset and their lives. Of course, in all areas of life, we’re better when we lift each other up.

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