2018. How’s it going so far? December to January, from the holidays to here we are, BACK TO WORK (!!) It can feel like such a big threshold and a big transition point for many of us.

Transitions are on my mind, of course. ‘Tis the season.  So many of my clients are looking to accomplish big stuff in 2018, and we’re working diligently on setting them up with solid PLANS to make the dreams and goals happen. It can all feel so loaded because we’ve been here before: “This year will be better!” “I will make stuff happen!” “I will be more present in the moment!” “I will have more patience!” “I’ll make time for what matters and self care!” and of course, “I will make more money!!!”

It can all feel so loaded. Loaded and just, HUGE.  Incapacitatingly BIG. And impossible. This is why and where we get derailed.

In line with my model of breaking big plans into smaller and actionable bits, I’m breaking down this NEW YEAR transition, I’m encouraging you to turn your attention to how you handle more of your smaller transitions. Think about it: Life is all about transitions. We’re constantly moving from one thing to the next, one task or chore or exercise or idea to the next. Even getting up out of our chair – all transitions.

What’s important about this? Have you heard the saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything”? I’m not sure the origin of the quote (it’s widely attributed), but I think about it often. Related to transitions, I’m thinking, how can you apply this to your smaller transitions, and make more actual choices about how you move around your life?

Can you cultivate more grace when getting in and out of a car? Can you move more fluidly from yoga pose to pose or from one exercise set to another? Can you rise more mindfully from your chair? Breathe a tiny bit more intentionally between tasks or phone calls or appointments at work?

The point is to move throughout your whole life with more grace and ease, and way less scramble. This is a practice. And as with all practices – start small. The more you do this in tiny ways like the ones I mention above, the more you will see they naturally  integrate in bigger ways in your life. Because how you do any (one) thing, is how you do everything.

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