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Set It, But DON’T Forget It

Did you catch the P.S. of my pre-vacation newsletter? It’s the one where I said [...]

Sending Light

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, just wrapped up. 2020 made it different. The extra light [...]

My December Wish For You.

Normally (what is normal?), this time (what is time?) of year (2020, sheesh), I’m thinking, [...]

We Need New Questions.

“Foul.” . If I had to capture the current average answer to the question “How [...]


For me, May is typically a full month of family birthdays and celebrations. It’s joyful, [...]

Last Month of the Decade

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Thank You

I know I know, I’m not really a hashtag gratitude kind of a person, but [...]

Things Change

Lately, many of my clients have been reporting feeling unsettled, especially around things–whether big and [...]


Oh heyyyyy Valentine’s Day! You again? You with your high unrealistic expectations, your sappy gushy [...]

Thanksgiving Tsunami

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Well, here we are, at the time of [...]