Thanksgiving Tsunami

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Well, here we are, at the time of year when we think a lot about family, connections, and gratitude. We’re meant to be present with our values, the spirit of giving, and to also count our blessings. Womp womp, it’s also the time of year where we are simply overwhelmed with a tsunami of emails about how having MORE stuff (merchandise, business tools, courses, you name it) can make our personal and professional lives better. Equal parts cynical and also a FOMO – sufferer, I’m also equal parts triggered and turned off by all the scarcity and fear marketing. It’s maddening.

My inbox is finally calming down (some) from the inundation of emails about shopping opportunities. It feels like I received even more this year than ever, but maybe it’s just me and I’ve become more sensitive to it all. Either way, I feel pretty well guaranteed that my inbox will be hopping from here until the end of the year. The barrage of spend spend spend–do do do–give give give messages can really make us feel like we’re not enough as we are right now. What a bummer. I know it makes me feel yucky, and I also know
I’m not the only one as my clients are talking about how the pressure to buy more, do more, give more, BE more is bringing them down.

Here is some antidote for you:

  1. Go offline. Get out of the online bubble and make plans with your people in person. Connection is fun, and also SO grounding and helpful in reminding us of what goodness we already bring to the table. Our pals hold up a mirror for us, allowing us to see ourselves more clearly.
  2. Move! Even a short walk can change your perspective, clear your head, and make you feel more energized. Try leaving your phone behind. Yes, you may miss that awesome photo opp, but I promise, it’s ok.
  3. Look UP. You’re already out and about for that walk (see #2 ⬆️), so why not take in your surroundings? Personally, one of the things I love the most about the holidays is the warm festive spirit, which I find captured so beautifully in the decorations here in NYC. I love to wander about and marvel at the cleverness and creativity of humans who possess actual design talent. Even if holiday decorations are not your thing, try spending a few moments to appreciate something beautiful (to you).

I hope these simple tips help reorient you to feeling good right now! In past years around this time, I’ve shared tips and tools on goal setting and planning for the coming year. I’m not doing that this year. (Here and here are links to past posts on the subject – they are still valuable and will totally help you plan ahead for 2019!) This year, I’ve decided to stay in the present with you, to offer tools to help you manage overwhelm, boost your confidence, and slow down to enjoy more of who and what is right here, right now.


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