Thank You


I know I know, I’m not really a hashtag gratitude kind of a person, but I’m still taking a moment to tell you how grateful I am for you. Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday (like many) here in the US, but I can’t help right now but say THANK YOU for all the notes and comments you send, for the questions you ask, for reading, and for sharing. I have new valuable content in the works for you for 2020, and would love to hear from you on additional topics you’re interested in. Confidence? Relationships? Communication? Skills building? Leadership? Please hit reply and let me know! 

And because I know that the holidays can be fraught with heartbreak over differences of opinions and disappointment due to unspoken expectations, here are some of my favorite tips to be a great listener and manage those tricky conversations.

However we spend the holidays, I know we all would prefer to enjoy them rather than ending up triggered and edgy. It can be all too easy to get pulled into unnecessary and regrettable tug-o-wars, and lose sight of the big picture of what the holidays actually mean to us.

On that note  — because I know holidays can be far from picture perfect — I made a new meditation to help you find more ease, and perhaps even pick less battles during the holidays and year-round. Click here to download it, it might even help you drop the (proverbial) rope.

However you spend this week, I hope it’s very bright.

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