Hashtag Gratitude

Holy whiplash, just like that, here we are mid-November. Is it me, or does the holiday season feel like it’s starting earlier and earlier? I’m not exactly ready, but I also know that time waits for no one, and so I’m thinking a lot about how to balance all the work and family and friend commitments (plus time for ME) that are absolutely rounding out the rest of my 2019 calendar.
If you guessed I’m actively working on my limit-setting, flexing my “no” muscle, you would be correct.
I wish I could tell you skills and tools building was easy. It’s not. And because we teach what we need, even for me, the coach, there is nothing “one and done” about any of my tips or coaching. Though they are often simple, few are easy. This is life as a human.
I’ve loved hearing from readers in response to the tools I’ve shared in the recent posts, about the usefulness of the tools and how simple they are to implement. YAY. I’m in this professional and personal growth work all the time, so I can forget that not everyone is, and how impactful sharing simple steps and reminders can be. What I’m really trying to say: I don’t really want to add yet another email to your inbox about surviving the holidays, dealing with difficult family interactions, how to be hashtag-grateful-mindful-blessed, or hashtag-anything.
BUT this moment, this entré into the holiday season is a perfect moment to remind you (and me!) about the importance of self-protection. This season sure can eat up all your resources, leaving you feeling depleted and resentful, bitterly muscling your way through this coming season of joy and gratitude and togetherness. Not fun, and not necessary. Some reminders:
  • Time is precious. Spend it wisely. I always say: Every “yes” you give is an automatic “no” to something else. Make your “yes’s” count; have them be in line with your priorities, goals, and values.
  • Energy is not limitless. Be judicious with it. No one wants a depleted you! And no one can modulate and make decisions around this but you. You and only you can advocate for yourself in this arena.
  • You have choices. More than you may realize!! Give yourself space for considering options. This is a valuable for how you spend both your time and your energy, as well as how you manage your reactivity. Slow down.

Make time for you and protect it ruthlessly. It is not selfish to say no to something because you want or need to lie on the couch at home. Insider alert: I will certainly be doing it. I am pretty certain you are at your best and most joyful and, frankly, fun when you are present and are taking care of you. That cliché related to prioritizing self-care about putting your oxygen mask on first? It’s a cliché because it’s TRUE.

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