A big theme that’s come up this week with clients has been the use of digital communication as method of engaging in meaningful/emotional/important conversations with friends, partners & family. My clients know I’m a bit of a broken record on this one, but I mean it:


We live in an ever global world, and I know that it’s not always possible to talk about the big things face to face, and in person. But seriously, why is this happening via texting? Unless it’s about straight-up facts(ie meet you ‘there’ at 7PM), texting often leads to confusion in the sender’s meaning. Hasn’t this happened to you? When you are so sure you are communicating very clearly, but it just lands way off the mark for the recipient?

I get it. Sometimes text conversations take a turn from light to serious, and sometimes this happens in a flash. But I urge you, when that happens and a text comes through that confuses or hurts you, please say that. Of course, it’s best to call and clarify, but here’s some examples (please cut and paste, if you would like!) of responses to use when bewildered by text messages:

    • I’m confused, can you clarify what you meant by “(cut and paste the offending message here)”?
    • I think this is a conversation better served by phone or video chat – do you have time for that now or later today?
    • Oops, I don’t quite understand what you mean – try again?

I can assure you that you absolutely won’t get the outcome you’re after if you don’t just pick up the phone. Not succinctly anyway, and likely not without drama. And life is way too short for unnecessary and completely avoidable drama.


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