Truth in Communication

Many of you know that I have a teensy thing for church signs. I try really hard to look up when I’m walking around town, equal parts in my attempt to unplug a little and also to try to catch my messages from the universe.

Good ones capture universal truths, and really good ones stop me in my tracks. Excellent ones stick with me for a while. My typical M.O is to snap a photo and walk on, turning the message over in my mind.

I walked by this one ages ago:

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It stuck with me for some reason I could quite put my finger on for ages, but the more I think and talk about Truth in Communication, the more I was able to get to what hit me about this one.

When you say nothing, you’re actually saying so much.

I get it, sometimes just saying nothing feels so much easier than risking ruffling feathers, but remember to consider the message you’re sending about your views/position/perspective when you sit quietly and swallow down whatever’s on your mind.

It’s not always true, but yes, often when we are silent we are quietly giving our assent. And It’s a close enough cousin to saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ that it warrants a deeper look. Listen, maybe you actually do mean yes, and if so, why not just say that?

So, some stuff to think about:

Do you have a hard time putting yourself out there? Saying what you mean? Do you find it easier to say nothing when faced with a potential disagreement?

Did you know that there are ways to find your voice, to be clear and confident, firm and assured? Did you also know that you can do this with integrity and strength, without  being nasty or mean?

This is massive for your personal AND professional relationships – let me help you with that.


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