Connecting to what matters most.

Our life is a reflection of what we’re pouring energy into and of what’s important to us, regardless of whether that’s unconscious or conscious.

So if life is a series of chaos and turmoil, and you’re frustrated that it’s not changing, it’s time to ask: “what’s up with that? What are the choices I’m making that move me away from my desired outcomes?

Is it ignoring your instinct? Feeling something in your gut but not trusting it? Fear of doing so? Are you going all George Costanza and doing the exact opposite of your initial instinct (smile)?

One of the very first bits of works I like to dig into with clients is around identifying their core values. Since i believe that our actions/reactions flow from here, I like to help clients get clear and conscious on this.

Some examples of core values:


What’s important about this?

Well, if you really care about being a part of a community, why might you be taking steps to isolate yourself? Is it worry and self doubt? If it’s important to be dependable, why are you not following through on commitments? If you’re wanting time for yourself, why are you over committing and spreading yourself thin? Is it people pleasing behavior? If getting heard matters, why do you keep shutting down, instead of finding ways to speaking your mind?

Looking at what matters most gives us a chance to challenge and question and CHANGE our behaviors so that we can start to consciously move towards the life we envision.

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