Routine Changes

Changes in routine can really hi-light a blind spot. This past three-day weekend was so fun and relaxing, and I was so present in the unplugged time with my toes in the sand and good conversations with friends. I came back refreshed, and yesterday evening I prepped for the week: cleaned up, did laundry, organized the desk, made food, etc.

But this morning, I kinda still felt a bit in slo-mo vacation mode. I got into my morning routine, but pretty much right away, I found myself making excuses galore.

“Write a blog post?? I’m not inspired, I don’t have anything to talk about . . . ”
“Not enough time this week to do that project . . . ”
“Will anyone notice if I already just call it a week (on Tuesday) . . . “


Y’all, this is why shaking things up and mixing up our routine is so essential. Change shines a spotlight on our habits, tendencies and patterns. Instead of going through the motions, we get a reminder to wake up and make a conscious choice about next steps.

Since becoming my own boss and the complete master of my time and schedule, I have learned lots about myself. Here’s two things:

  1. I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire – I make excuses and delay things I don’t enjoy doing.
  2. I let myself off the hook relatively easily for #1

YIKES. I know that both those items flow from fear causing me to delay, and I work on this constantly. It also shows up for most clients pretty regularly. And by regularly, I really mean ALL.THE.TIME. Clearly, I attract and coach what I need to learn and remember and I’m grateful for these opportunities to grow and change old patterns that aren’t serving me. It’s not the easiest work, but I’m up for it. This week, even though it’s a short week, for me that challenge looks like getting down to work on a variety things, including this blog post. Looks like I did have something to talk about after all.

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