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A client had been struggling with getting her head back in the game after a [...]

Still Thinking about Heels

Achilles’ Heel (n.): a fault or weakness that causes or could cause someone or something [...]

Active Listening in a Time of Screaming

Well, it’s certainly been noisy out there. Regardless of whether you feel the US election [...]


What Saying No Sometimes Looks Like

You know the kind of morning I’m talking about, the kind where it’s a total [...]

Ride the Waves

I spent a weekend recently with close longtime friends (more like family) and their two [...]


How about we just say: No Big Deal. A client recently messed something up while [...]

Routine Changes

Changes in routine can really hi-light a blind spot. This past three-day weekend was so [...]

Summer of Fun!

A client and her beloved have broken up. The distance between them was long, and [...]

Artful Avoidance

Once I (fill in the blank), then I will (fill in the blank). Sound familiar? This notion [...]

The Blame Game

I just read online that the first Friday the 13th of the year (this week!!) [...]