Intentional: Definitely Not Frou Frou


Last week I wrote about how important it is to be intentional about creating the life you want. Full disclosure, I tend to have a love-hate relationship with the word INTENTIONAL. On the one hand, I’m a huge fan of living intentionally. What do I mean by this?

● Making thoughtful choices about what will (and won’t!) work for you,
● considering what you need to show up fully as a human being in all parts of your life,
● and simply giving yourself exactly that.

On the other hand, the word ”intentional“ is starting to feel sappy and over-used to the point that it’s lost some of its punch and meaning. Dare I say that the word intentional is borderline frou frou? If you are one of those who finds the word intentional a hair cringe-y, I get it. And yet, let’s both you and I agree to let that go, and here’s why: we simply must design our lives in order to be living in alignment with our values, and our dreams and desires. There’s no other way! And I don’t know how to say it, other than that it requires being thoughtful, plan-ful, and YES, intentional. Let us together agree to stop allowing other people, society, and the world have us think it’s lame to be intentional about creating a life of purpose, meaning, and joy.
The good news? Being intentional doesn’t need to be frou frou or silly. (Though frankly, I think modern life could benefit from a lot more silliness, don’t you agree?). And it doesn’t need to involve copious and daily journaling, or silent meditations, or expensive retreats.
All being intentional really requires is YOU taking some time in a way (or ways) that works for YOU to tap into what YOU want. How YOU want to live, what YOU want your life to look and feel and be like. Intentionality just needs you to tap into your biggest, deepest, most burning YES, so that you can say a big, bold NO to everything that’s not in service of that yes. Simple, not necessarily easy. Definitely not frou frou.
I made this worksheet to help you start to do exactly this, check it out if you haven’t. It’s a great place to start! And if you’ve already dug into it, and are feeling you’re wanting more support: click here to schedule a call with me..

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