I wrote a whole thing . . .

About goal setting for the new year — a two-part series to get you focused on how to step powerfully in 2018. But it’s kind of falling flat for me now.

No, of course I haven’t given up on healthy and clever and strategic goal setting. And naturally I still believe in setting yourself up for success.  This is especially important at transition times, calendars flipping over being chief among them.

And per usual, there are a lot of people in my world buzzing about what they’d like to see different in their lives as we move into the new year. They want to focus on productivity, fitness/weight loss, job or career transitions, more courage in communication, relationship improvements, and more.

But there are also a lot of people ready to kick 2017 straight to the curb, unilaterally and without reservation. They don’t have a real plan in place for 2018, just a hope and a dream that the new year will be *better*. Personally I still have a lot of stuff to get through this year, but I find myself in that camp, just staring out the window dreaming about a better 2018.

Some things on my list of hopes and dreams for 2018 include: 

  • More kindness and compassion.
  • More truthfulness.
  • Leadership with integrity.
  • Less reactivity.
  • More space to really learn and understand issues, not assuming we have all the information we need from a headline.

Geez, we are so divided in America. I would love to see us being more patient with each other and giving one another the benefit of the doubt.

The truth is, 2017 has been wild. On a lot of levels. Happily, I’ve come to realize that it hasn’t all been bad. There’s been a ton of great stuff in the mix, in fact. But I still need a little more time to dream and wonder about what more is possible. And, you know me, I don’t condone launching ahead with a vision without a plan, so I’m still planning to send out your tips for goal setting, but for now I’m wondering – what’s the burning big dream or wish in your hopeful heart? What do you wish for yourself and the greater society?

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