Your ONE Action Item

Happy May! Here we are, about halfway through the year already. It has certainly flown by for me. You? Guess what one of the things that regularly shows up for people at this point in the year (and 2018 is proving to be no different)? It’s painful frozen-itis. Are you among those who are still frozen and beating yourself up about it? Did you promise yourself that this year will be YOUR YEAR to make stuff happen, but here we are already at the mid-way point, and life and work and other stuff has moved ahead on your priority list?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I’m betting you are also in beating-yourself-up mode. You’ve got negative self-talk on repeat, and playing often, in your head. It can sound like:

“I’m smart and accomplished, why haven’t I figured out how to get this done?”
“I just need to make myself do it.”
“I just have to get over myself and my stupid fear.”

Or worse:

“I’m such a loser.”
“Everyone else can do it, I suck.”
“I’m never going to accomplish anything.”

Relate to any of that? I hear you. You’re not alone. I’m about to give you the ONE most essential action step you can take to make the change you want. Ready?


I mean it. Let’s get you some new stories to play on repeat! Try looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself, “I forgive myself for not being as far along as I wanted,” or “It’s ok where I am today. I commit to taking one tiny action forward each day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.”

Turning a new page starts with backing off on the bullying you’re doing to yourself, and getting into forgiving yourself.  You can’t move forward while still beating yourself up about what you haven’t done. Think about it: No one ever beat themselves up into their goal, the life they want, or following their dreams and heart. In order to be free to make the change you desire, you have to cut this out right now! Life, progress and change just isn’t about forcing yourself into something or muscling through. It only makes things worse when we try to bully ourselves into stuff. Action Item #1 – STOP THAT.


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