YOU Being Comfortable Doing YOUR Thing

There’s a lot going on. You name it: violence, hurricanes, earthquakes, aggression, devastation and more. I’m getting all-hours distress emails and texts from clients (and friends) struggling with not just how to cope but also how integrate all the messaging on social media, telling them to do this or do that, in this way or that. I absolutely do think it’s helpful and healing to pick something to do to take positive action. And I also worry we may be overwhelmed by wanting to do too much and risk exhausting ourselves.

I 100% relate. I struggle with my relationship to social media, and for me, it’s not been important to always chime in with an opinion or outrage on every single news item and turn of current events. Frankly, I’m a slow processor and integrator of information (it’s why Twitter is not my bag, for example). I just can’t keep up with the pace, it gives me whiplash. But I get that others can, that they want to, and they do — and that’s totally fine.

This is, in fact, exactly what I coach clients on. Finding your voice, using it with confidence – YOUR way. It’s how we get great at setting limits and focusing on what’s important to us flowing from our personal integrity and values. Despite the very binary presentation of choices, there are actually so many ways to make an impact in your corner of the world, no matter how big or small your corner may be. So figure out what you want to do. Remember that all acts of service, simple kindness, volunteerism, donations of money and/or time — add up to a lot. One size does not fit all. What matters most is you being comfortable doing your thing. Let however you act or speak out be grounding and calming for you, not simply a box to check.

If you’re plugged in like me, chances are you are getting inundated with too many requests for both your time and your action. You’re busy, so you need to prioritize and will need to say no.  And I hope you can do so without feeling guilty – don’t exhaust yourself from trying to do too many good things!

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