Mood Uppers

I talk a lot with clients about self care and little things to make ourselves feel better and uplifted. We’ll discuss the benefits of yoga, meditation, exercise, downtime, self, eating well. Getting enough SLEEP. You know, the usual suspects.

One thing I don’t talk that much about? Makeup, and in particular lipstick. 

But the truth is – I love wearing it not only because of how it makes me look (polished & put together), but also how it makes me feel (uplifted & sassy). Wearing lipstick makes me smile at myself in the mirror. Then I head out the door with my chin held high, and a little swagger in my step. 

I’ve noticed that most days it basically it comes down to two choices. Some days, it’s bright red, others basic nude. The other thing I’ve noticed is that this choice point is often reflective of how I’m feeling about myself. Sure, sometimes it’s about rounding out an outfit, but often the red means I’m already feeling fired up, or can help to give me a little fire in my belly, and an extra boost of confidence. The nude can mean I’m focused and serious, sending out a “no distractions, please” message.

Um, yeah, so not every person wants to or cares to wear lipstick, let alone talk about it, I totally get that. But what I DO think is important about this? Finding tiny–and personal–ways to boost your spirit. For yourself. Now that you know one of my secret weapons (😉), what are some of yours? I’m guessing you have some, like mine with lipstick, you’re not yet aware of. 

Finding unique to you subtle ways to uplift your mood can be a total game-changer for whatever your day holds for you. Take a step back and survey some of your smaller habits and see if there’s anything you notice. And let me know!

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