Why work on you?

I have a strict belief that as humans, our world function completely in relationship with others, and that we don’t do anything in isolation. Our choices have consequences, and impact, and it all starts with you.

Which is AWESOME, because guess what?

The only thing you can control is YOU.

Your reactions, your behaviors, your choices.

Most of us drift along not understanding how we get where we are, so is it any wonder that so many of us keep making the same choices and mistakes again and again?

This happens for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is that you’re not clear on your relationship with yourself.

As your coach, I begin with helping you fortify your relationship with yourself.  It is important to get clear on what’s important to you, and how to make choices and set goals that flow from that space.  Remember, when you communicate your values consistently throughout all of your interactions it helps to support living a joyful life. Upcoming next on the blog will be more on THAT in a post on core values. For now, check out my February post on Relationship Coaching!

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