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Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day makes February the love month. We are bombarded with it all month — [...]

Hashtag Gratitude

Holy whiplash, just like that, here we are mid-November. Is it me, or does the [...]

Courageous Choices

I’m tired. I’m finally ready to admit it. I’ve been really busy personally and professionally, [...]

Someone Just Stole Your Idea

It happened. Someone just stole your idea. You’re in a meeting, mostly following along, thinking about [...]

Walking on Eggshells

Do you work with someone reactive? Someone with a temper? When someone in the office [...]

Staying the Course

I’m just returning (yesterday!) from a lovely trip to Portugal. My beloved has spent the [...]

There is Only One YOU

I happen to currently have a couple of clients working on writing a book. For [...]

Well, That Happened…

Ok, so even though I don’t believe in resolutions and broad sweeping goals for the [...]


Ever found yourself eyeing a particular goal – something that feels really BIG and really [...]


Just celebrated another year around the sun this week, and boy do I love my [...]