JDI: Breaking Up with Perfection

I consider myself thorough and careful, and my editing skills a pride point, so when [...]


Procrastination + Perfectionism

Myself included, I work with so many clients who struggle with the twins: procrastination and [...]

Laundromat musings

I live in a 100-year old building in NYC. It’s very high on charm and [...]

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The Dalai Lama turned 80 years old this week, and like others, I often find [...]



  Well, I made it. I don’t think the overarching result will be all that surprising: [...]

Vacation all I ever wanted…

Vacation, had to get away… Seriously. And I’m excited. But getting ready to get away [...]


Dog Lessons on Life 101: Betty on choices

I’ll admit it, my dog Betty is not perfect. Yes, she’s super cute. And yes, [...]


Ouch, I had quite a few clients this week calling themselves names. I’m working with [...]

A tip for managing rash tendencies…

Acting and speaking, both digitally and otherwise, on impulse and without thought is something I work [...]

Truth in Communication

Many of you know that I have a teensy thing for church signs. I try [...]