Procrastination + Perfectionism

Myself included, I work with so many clients who struggle with the twins: procrastination and perfectionism.

Do you use any of the following justifications for not submitting something, hitting send on an email, making a phone call, or taking action on something important:

  • It’s just not there yet
  • Oh, just a hair more work
  • It’s too short
  • It’s too long
  • I don’t have enough time to dedicate it
  • I need to sleep on it

Guess what? Getting things just so and perfect is another way we actively work (whether we’re conscious of it or not) to avoid progress.

Why, you’re asking? There are so many reasons, but often it comes down to good old straight up fear. Fear of putting yourself out there, fear of being seen, fear of taking a next risk in life or business, fear of failing, fear of succeeding. I know, that last one. The amazing thing about fear is that it doesn’t have to be rational. Of course, we want to be successful in  what we take on, but looking into the future or fearful self knows that success leads to more, new and scarier risks ahead. Staying put is just soooo cozy, so enter fear based sabotage, stage left.

So, today I’m encouraging you to find ways to take small imperfect action steps. I’m not going to spell check this post for the 2nd time before posting it. Once will do. I’m telling you, SMALL actions, tiny changes. They add up to massive change over time. What are you willing to do a bit less perfectly than your usual?

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