Avenue of the Strongest

I got called for grand jury duty a year or so ago, and though I didn’t get selected it was my first time meandering down in the area around New York’s city hall,  and I stumbled upon this intersection:

Worth Street

Just one example of how looking up and around can really prompt a person to see stuff.  Of course, I laughed at myself about it.  So simple, yes, knowing your worth is certainly a path to getting strong and empowered.

And this was definitely my message for that moment in time.  I had just started coaching full time after lots of soul searching around what was next for me professionally, and this was a powerful message to me about how important getting grounded in your confidence, worth and courage can be. It’s an ongoing practice, but one to keep at – it’s essential in terms of getting comfy and cozy with yourself. And as you get grounded in your sense of self, you are empowered to be clear and clean in your communication with others.

I’m a relationship coach, and in my work with clients, we start at ground zero – with YOU and the relationship you have with yourself.



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