First Post

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, so many clients and friends and supporters have been asking me about it, ‘it’s a no-brainer, Shoshanna!’ So, why not start today?

I have completely dragged my feet for a variety of reasons, some or many of which you can probably relate to:

Fear of Failure
Fear of success(!!)
Social media apathy
Fear of internet trolls/haters
my own inner critic (including, but not limited to, people will hate it, or find me annoying, or lame, or stupid)
Lack of inspiration
and on and on . . .

When it clicked that these are the very obstacles that I have been helping others to overcome, I set an egg timer and started writing. My blog posts may not save or change your life, but I hope they will bring you some clarity, inspiration, food for thought, and tools and tips to make your life and relationships as joyful as possible.

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