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Vanessa Kroll Bennett

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How does one become a Puberty Mogul? Accidentally, according to Vanessa Bennett – but also on purpose, by raising four kids and caring deeply about how to support their growth, development, self-knowledge and self-esteem. Vanessa is the co-author of This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained and co-host of “The Puberty Podcast,” both with pediatrician Cara Natterson, and is the President of Order of Magnitude, a puberty stage-of-life company to solve the pain points while empowering kids and their adults.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” Vanessa talks to host Shoshanna Hecht about jumping in as an entrepreneur when you don’t know all the answers, cornering an underserved market, and how it’s always, always better to be awkward together than clueless alone.

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This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained

The Puberty Podcast

Order of Magnitude

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