Tips on Sustaining Positivity

I know and work with several people who struggle with what I call the Positive Sustainability Challenge. Are you one of them?

It looks like this: When things are going well, progress is happening and things are cruising, vibe-ing, flowing — it’s all good. Productivity breeds more productivity, hard work makes way for success and then of course, more hard work and more success. And It all adds up to a major sense of accomplishment.

BUT then comes a hiccup. Something (or a series of somethings) doesn’t go quite right. It could be a sleepless night, you overslept, stubbed your toe — just something that gets you off your game, disrupts the flow and makes space for the potential for a new, less positive and less productive cycle to emerge.

Some people bounce back quickly, but what if that’s not you?  When a setback leads to a downward spiral and the feeling you’ll *never* be back on top, well, it’s a bummer. How do you get your mojo/flow back on track?

Three tips to get there:

  • Cues – I use visual ones like messages to myself taped to my desk to remind myself to check in with what story I’m telling myself. Is it a positive or negative one? We are what we think we are, so make it work for you. Repetition is key!
  • Set Boundaries – Say NO to distractions by blocking out non-negotiable time to dive into a project on your to-do list. Even a block of 30 minutes during which you turn off all distractions, can be a game changer for a resetting your focus and energy.
  • Move! Sometimes you need to shake it off! My clients laugh when I prescribe jumping hacks, but they stop laughing when it WORKS in shifting perspective.

There are so many pressures to be perfect , be an A+ student, and to always be rocking it out. But that’s simply not our reality at all times. Knowing there will always be a rise and fall to life, to work, to pretty much everything, what can you do to set yourself up for success? Would love to hear what tools work for you, let me know!

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