Stacy London, Reinvention CEO

Stacy London

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How do we pivot with intention when our pivot was not intentional? For Stacy London – who made her mark as the confident, encouraging face of reinvention on TLC’s What Not To Wear – the onset of perimenopause symptoms in her late 40s coincided with a shift in professional direction that left her feeling disoriented in her body and in her life. For Stacy, transformation was supposed to be about hope, and moving forward with purpose, but these were changes that were happening to her, and she didn’t know what her new purpose was supposed to be – or what she wanted it to be.

Stacy started having conversations about things that happen to every woman – for the first time, despite years working across media. She realized that it only felt like a midlife crisis to her because no one talked about how it was actually normal – it just felt like a crisis because there was no positive culture around it. From there, her purpose was clear: to talk about what happens to – and for – those of us who experience menopause, and offer support for what’s next.

On this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht sits down with Stacy for a frank conversation about her own transformation; how to give ourselves the grace to see ourselves differently, with new possibilities; how to optimize for a new phase even when we wish nothing would change; and also, hormones.

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