Ashley Louise, CEO, Ladies Get Paid

Ashley Louise

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Ashley Louise wants women to have it all. She wants women to have all the money, all the freedom, all the promotions, all the confidence, all the joy, and all the options. With her partner (and wife) Claire Wasserman, Ashley has built Ladies Get Paid into a juggernaut of resources to help women advance professionally and financially, and recognize – and be recognized for! – our value and our worth.

In addition to building the company together, in the past few years Ashley and Claire have pivoted a business built primarily on live events, moved across the country, gotten married, and embarked on the alternatingly challenging, frustrating and rewarding process of conceiving a child together (successfully! Claire is now pregnant). You’d think that might be a pretty decent excuse to coast, but in true YNLB form, Ashley is constantly iterating, looking ahead to where she wants her and her family to be, and what new things she should be trying to get them there, and how she can learn from all of it and bring the good stuff back to her LGP community.

In this episode of Your New Life Blend, host Shoshanna Hecht takes a deep dive with Ashley about all of it – making the big life changes, trying new things, getting over the fear that was holding her back, and why it’s the best bet ever to put women front and center.

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Ladies Get Paid: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Barriers, Owning Your Worth, and Taking COmmand of Your Career

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