Now that you’re all done planning for Fall . . .

Love hearing from so many of you about how the worksheet I sent last week is helping you take control of your fall planning. (ICYMI: Here’s a link to last week’s post). I also know that for many of you, it’s still feeling like a challenge. Let’s face it, these days even planning tonight’s dinner can feel Herculean, let alone planning all the way into fall.
In short, right now it may not be easy to plan for the future. But hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich*, and hoping that the future won’t come is not helpful either. I know that doing this on your own can be hard. I have good news for you. If you’ve caught any of the Instagram lives that Dara Kessler and I have done over the past few months, then you know she is a parenting coach wizard. I learn so much from her (ha ha ha, I’ve been learning from her since we were 19!!), and we are joining forces to help you right now. Even better? It’s free. FREE. Free help for you!
On Monday, August 24th at 8pm eastern, we’re hosting a webinar on plan-making (and parenting) in the pandemic. Link to sign up: HERE. If you are panicking about what’s coming, don’t miss this! A bit about what we’ll be covering:
  • How to reset your thinking about what’s possible!!
  • How to implement and structure POWERFUL family meetings.
  • How to up-level your communication, set better limits, and be heard.
  • How to enroll your family members into the team mindset.
  • How to ASK for and RECEIVE help!
  • How to capitalize on limited time, and create structure to find more ease.
Join us for the hour, and bring your questions, fears, and stresses about this coming fall. We’re excited to help! Also, we’re fun. It’s gong to be fun too :).
*Ok, so I know ostriches don’t really do this, but you get the point. The future is coming no matter how much we avoid it. Let’s stop avoiding and start preparing. I assure you, it is far more grounding to prep. Hope to see you there!
Sign up for the webinar here.
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