Lindsey Pollak, Author & Speaker

Lindsey Pollak

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Author Lindsey Pollak had always made a point of projecting polish and control – useful for her work as an in-demand speaker and workplace expert. In March 2020 she had a year of speaking engagements booked – until she didn’t. Over a two-week period, she lost over six figures in business as clients cancelled bookings and took back deposits.

As the family breadwinner, she had no choice but to figure out how a workplace expert adapts when the workplace disappears. Then, Lindsey and her family had to adapt even more when a space heater in the apartment below them sparked a building-wide fire. The family watched from the street as their home burned. Lindsey had to relocate, retrench, rebuild – and recalculate, which became the subject of her next book, and this episode of “Your New Life Blend.”

Host Shoshanna Hecht talks to Lindsey about rebuilding a life and a career in the face of unrelenting change and challenge, how trying to project perfection can keep us from asking for – and receiving! – the help we need, and how we just never know what people are carrying.

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