Helaine Olen, Journalist

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Washington Post columnist Helaine Olen has always been fascinated by work and how it dominates our lives – and, since March 2020, has been fascinated by the profound shift she has observed in our relationship to work since the pandemic sent so many of us home, and sent so many others directly into harm’s way.

These observations were the basis of her recent article, “How the Pandemic Ended America’s Bad Romance With Work,” in which she explores the forces compelling what she calls “a great reconsideration, a great renegotiation” with work in this country and exactly how much of it we actually want in our lives.

In this episode of “Your New Life Blend,” host Shoshanna Hecht speaks with Helaine about the societal forces that build movements from the ground up, and what happens when giant swaths of the workforce abruptly realize that work won’t love you back.

Here’s what some of the listeners have to say:

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