Well, I made it. I don’t think the overarching result will be all that surprising: my week long vacation on the high seas with my extended blended family and without my computer vacation was totally awesome. Like I said, no surprise!

Some things I did not miss:

  • carrying that heavy bag
  • having to keep my computer safe
  • pressure to accomplish anything
  • my unopened computer bag in the corner of the room taunting me.
  • email

And on the flip side, with the pressure off to boot up my laptop, I was free to be present in special moments with cute nieces and nephews and fully connect in real life. And the memory-making that went on was precious to me, and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about setting a serious limit with myself.

It’s the first trip I’ve returned from in a long time that I don’t have that tiny nagging feeling that I need a vacation from my vacation. What a difference!

And, I have to say that I came back happy to be home, ready to dig in to work, new projects, enjoying summer in and around the city.

I’m still feeling summer-y and focus and concentration is not coming easily as other times of the year, but I’m taking the advice of a friend and am just going with that and trying to just see what flows from a more relaxed mindset. And, there’s also this important thing to remember: 

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”  Anne Lamott


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